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Nick Carter Hairstyles - Haircuts

Here we go, we want to share you some of Nick Carter's Hairstyle and his the Best Hairstyle ever 

Casual Short Straight
Nick kept his funky hairdo long and blond at the Backstreet Boys "Unbreakable" CD Signing and looked great! His back and side sections were taper cut short to create this jagged style and his top section was left longer and razor cut for a messy, textured finish. This style will work best on medium to thick hair types and longer face shapes.
Nick Carter haircut Quiff
This Nick Carter haircut has been layer cut short through then back and sides with long top layers that sit up in the middle in a quiffed fashion.
Top Ten Male Haircuts of 2008
Nick has kept his back and sides shaved with added jagged cut to his top section.

Here's the new Haircut of Nick Carter in 2013, looking so handsome.

Nick's Haircut in 2013 when he's signing his Autobiography
Nick Carter sporting highlighted hair cut in a modified Ivy Leag, Nick’s hair here is cut on back and sides to clipper-cut closeness, tapering to the longer lengths in the top and crown areas. These areas are razor-cut to create very steeply textured lengths, and a wild, choppy look.
MTV Movie Awards 2004.Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA.
(June 5, 2004 - Source: Bauer Griffin)
Spiky Haircut is the one of Nick's Favorite Hairstyle
Nick on His Taking Off Promo Album

Nick Carter Short Hairstyles - Fauxhawk Haircuts
Nick carter is a leading pop star with famous styles that everyone wants to try out. He has kept his back and sides shaved with added jagged cut to his top section.
Nick Carter Extreme Short Buzz Haircut "This Is Us"
Nick Carter "I Want It That Way" Video Shooting

Nick Carter is the number One of The Best Boy Band Hairstyle in 1999
Nick's Hairstyle on His Taking Off Tour Promo 
Nick's Haircut on His 32th Birthday and some said this is the ridiculous style. But however Nick is still the most Heartthrobs Hairstyle

This Nick Carter New Haircut in NKOTBSB Jakarta Tour at June/01/2012                                          
Nick Hairstyle "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)" video shooting

Nick Haircut  "As Long As You Love Me" Video Shooting

Nick's Haircut in Black&Blue World Tour

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